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Signs That Indicate You Need Radiator Repair

One of the most overlooked and active components of your car is the radiator. This component is in charge of releasing coolant to absorb the engine's excess heat. Even though the radiator can last some drivers up to 10 years, it still needs cooling system maintenance. Over time, it can ultimately fail and need repairs or a replacement. Below are some signs that indicate your radiator needs attention:

Leaking Coolant 

If there's a bright-colored fluid underneath your vehicle, it is probably a coolant leak. A certified technician at TLS Motorworks can perform diagnostics to determine where the leaks are located and whether they can be traced back to the radiator.

Hot Temperature Gauge

You should always pay attention to the temperature gauge on your dashboard. If it rises to the hot territory, then your engine is overheating. Engine overheating can be due to radiator failure in some cases.

White Exhaust Smoke

White smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe may be concerning. If white clouds puff out of your car, it can indicate that coolant is leaking and being burned in the combustion process. You should seek immediate repairs as the situation can worsen, leading to extensive repairs.

Radiator Discoloration 

Any signs of noticeable rust on the radiator are a red flag. While the rust may seem harmless now, it can eat away your radiator and cause a leak in the future.

Checking Coolant Levels

Whenever you take your vehicle in for its routine maintenance, please remember to ask your mechanic to check your coolant levels. If we find that your coolant is low, we can follow up by examining your radiator and other cooling system parts for signs of damage. 

Checking your vehicle's coolant level is relatively easy and can be done at home if you please. You simply need to open your automobile's hood after the engine is cooled down and locate the fluid's reservoir tank. If you struggle with this, please refer to the owner's manual for its location.

For trusted radiator service or repairs in Chamblee, GA, look no further than the experts at TLS Motorworks. 

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