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What Can Cause Your Tires to Wear Down Quicker?

Every component in your car, SUV, or truck plays a part in maintaining your vehicle’s efficiency. Tires are among some of the most important parts that do this. They need proper maintenance and care to ensure you ride safely and efficiently. While tires are naturally supposed to wear down, the wear and tear on them can be accelerated by poor maintenance. In that case, it can cost you new tires sooner than later. Read on to stay informed on how tires can prematurely wear down:

Proper Tire Pressure

Underinflated tires can significantly reduce your mileage and present you with innumerable hazards. Tires can lose pressure from temperature changes, punctures, and normal wear and tear. That is why it is important for you to check your pressure frequently.

Tires That Don’t Match

Mismatched tires can also contribute to premature tire wear. Please make it a habit to measure your tires’ tread depths for any irregular wear. 

Poor Alignment

When your axles are properly positioned, they can eliminate premature tire wear. If your tires are showing signs of misalignment, make sure you get a wheel alignment as soon as possible. tDo so will keep your wheels pointing in the right direction and be parallel with one another. 

Too Much Torque

Vehicle tires can get wheel and toe wear patterns due to excessive torque. This is a significant contributor to premature wear.

Mechanical Issues

Worn ball joints, shocks, struts, and wheel bearings are only several of many mechanical elements that can cause premature tire wear. Some of these signs may be more obvious than others, which is why it is so essential to routinely have your car inspected. Besides influencing your vehicle’s efficiency, these issues can make your road travel uncomfortable, unpleasant, and dangerous. 

Let the experts at TLS Motorworks examine your tires for signs of wear. If you need tire replacement or maintenance service, we invite you to bring your vehicle to TLS Motorworks in Chamblee, GA.

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