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What is the Difference Between A Conventional, Semi-Synthetic, and Synthetic Oil Change?

While trying to decide what kind of oil to purchase for your oil change, you might have wondered what the difference was between the different types to begin with. By comparing the different types of oil, you can find the one that best suits your needs.

Conventional Oil: cheap but unrefined

Conventional oil is the most affordable option available, and is typically recommended for low-mileage engines and casual drivers. It is the least refined type of oil, being derived from crude mineral oil, but is cleaned up and typically contains some additives to help it last longer at extreme temperatures.

Semi-Synthetic Oil: low temperature optimized and oxidization resistant

Semi-synthetic oil is a blended form of conventional and synthetic oil, which is effective at balancing the high performance perks of synthetic oil with the affordable price point of conventional oil. This oil performs well in low and high temperatures and is oxidation resistant, and it's typically recommended for larger vehicles like trucks, SUVs, and vans driving in moderate conditions.

Synthetic Oil: long lasting even in extreme temperatures

Synthetic oil is a lab-created type of oil that is characterized by its uniformity and high viscosity across extreme conditions, which helps reduce drag on the engine and fuel consumption. Because of the high quality, a car with synthetic oil will run at peak performance in any temperature. Synthetic oil also lasts significantly longer than other oils due to its high refinement and quality additives, which saves you trips to the mechanic.

Can I switch oil type?

While it's acceptable to 'upgrade' your oil, it's generally recommended against to switch to a lower-quality option than is recommended in your owner's manual.

Can I mix oils?

It is acceptable to mix different types of oils, as long as they are at or above the quality recommended in your owner's manual.

After reading about the different types of oil, we hope that you've found the one right for you. If your car needs an oil change, we invite you to drive to TLS Motorworks today, where one of our trusted technicians can help you change your car to the perfect oil.

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