Chevy Hybrid Service & Repair

Chevrolet hybrid owners in Atlanta consistently choose our independent auto shop for the maintenance and repair of their vehicle. They know they will receive quality service at a competitive or better price than at the dealership. Our ASE-certified technicians are very familiar with all Chevrolet hybrid models, including the Volt, Bolt and Tahoe hybrid. We know how much work and engineering goes into the designing of the Chevrolet hybrid line. Our goal is to make sure your Chevy continues to run safely and smoothly for many years to come.

Hybrid Battery Service & Replacement

A hybrid vehicle combines the function of a gas-powered motor with the environmentally friendly benefits of an electric battery. Hybrid batteries are rechargeable, high-voltage power sources that need specialized attention when being serviced. Our team at TLS Motorworks understands the complexities of hybrid batteries and have the computer systems necessary to perform a proper diagnosis of your hybrid’s battery health.

A decrease in MPG is the most common indicator that a hybrid battery is failing. Even a gradual decrease is a sign of power failure. Be sure to monitor your Chevy’s performance over time. If you suspect failing power levels, we can quickly test the condition of your battery and install a replacement if needed.

High Voltage Cable Inspection and Repair

High voltage batteries rely on high voltage cables to transfer power where it needs to go. Without these cables, the battery is essentially useless. Often times damaged cables can be the cause for power failure. We will inspect the cabling to and from your battery and make the necessary repairs.

Preventative Maintenance and General Repairs

We offer ongoing preventative maintenance plans to promote a healthy routine of service for your hybrid Chevrolet vehicle. With regularly scheduled service appointments, TLS Motorworks can diagnose and repair problems soon after they occur. Having repairs performed soon after damage occurs can reduce wear and tear on your machine, potentially preventing more extensive damage as time passes.

TLS Motorworks is proud to also offer a nationwide limited repair warranty on the repairs and services performed on your Chevy hybrid. This warranty lasts for 36 months or 36,000 miles – whichever comes first.

Schedule Chevy Hybrid Repair Service

We are located in Chamblee, Georgia, just a short drive off of Interstate 285. When your hybrid Chevrolet vehicle needs service, TLS Motorworks is here to help. You can give us a call or click below to schedule.

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