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Engine Tune Up Service

What Happens During A Car Tune Up?

Regular engine tune ups will help your car maintain it’s powerful feeling. The technicians at TLS Motorworks are trained on how to diagnose the performance of an engine. We will visually inspect your engine and install any spark plugs, filters, pistons, belts or other parts as needed.

Benefits Of An Engine Tune Up

The most noticeable benefit will be in your engine’s performance. You’ll find it easier to start up your car, all to enjoy a smoother, more efficient ride. Regular engine tune ups not only help restore lost power, but also lower emissions and improve overall fuel economy. Replacing worn spark plugs with juicy fresh ones will give your engine the power boost it craves.

Signs An Engine Needs A Tune Up

  • Check Engine Light Comes On – Don’t ignore this one. Replacing an engine is often more expensive than repairing one. When you see this little light appear on your dashboard, your car’s diagnostic system is alerting you of needed maintenance.
  • Fuel Economy – Are you finding yourself at the gas station more often than before? Dwindling miles per gallon are a possible negative side effect to poor engine performance.
  • Engine Stalling – This is when you press the gas pedal to accelerate, and your car will have a moments delay before moving. This is both a warning sign and a dangerous flaw to deal with while driving.
  • Car Shaking or Vibrating Unusually – Does your steering wheel and seat shake when you brake, steer or start your engine? Engine issues are known to cause this side effect. Let our professional technicians determine with certainty the reason for your engine problems.
  • Rough and Clunky Shifting – With an automatic transmission, you should hardly ever notice your gears shifting, let alone grinding. If this is the case, your transmission may need repair.

How Often Should I Get An Engine Tune Up?

It’s smart to have your engine tuned up regularly, not only for the reasons stated above, but also as a form of preventative maintenance. You’ll want to check the scheduled maintenance recommendation for your manufacturer, but a good rule of thumb is every 10,000 – 12,000 miles. Newer models with electronic ignitions and fuel injection systems can go a bit longer in-between tune ups, at 25,000 miles.

Schedule A Tune Up For Your Car

When you start to notice declining performance or issues starting your car, it’s best to visit TLS Motorworks sooner rather than later. A small, inexpensive part might be the fix for a larger issue. Our technicians are all ASE-Certified, and equipped with the diagnostic technology needed to properly inspect your vehicle. We’ll look over your cap, rotor, spark plugs, belts and other parts deep within the engine. Worn parts will be replaced to help improve performance.

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