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Exhaust System Repair

Your exhaust system is more than just a muffler. It is comprised of a series of pipes beneath your car connecting your muffler to your catalytic converter. The primary function of the exhaust system is to direct the exhaust fumes away from passengers and into the air safely.

How Does The Exhaust System Work?

The exhaust system in a car works to direct waste gases from the engine to the rear of your car, discharging the them outside. These waste gases can be hazardous to human health, as they contain dangerous substances such as carbon monoxide.

There are other functions credited to the exhaust system as well. It also works to convert these pollutants into a cleaner emission, increase engine performance and also reduce noise.

Signs You May Need Exhaust System Repair

The exhaust system plays a direct role in both your vehicle’s performance and your ability to drive. If you notice any of the signs below, contact us for an appointment today!

  • Extremely loud noises while accelerating
  • Rattling while starting the vehicle
  • Excessive idling while starting the vehicle
  • Decrease in fuel efficiency
  • Engine misfires
  • Feeling drowsy while driving may be result of inhaling harmful fumes

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At TLS Motorworks, our ASE-certified technicians are trained on how to best repair exhaust and muffler problems. We’re able to inspect and diagnose engine issues that could lead to costly replacements down the road. It doesn’t matter what type of exhaust problem your vehicle has, our team is here to get you back on the road safely!

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