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Wheel Alignment Service

Wheel Alignment Service

Wheel Alignment is done at the time brand-new tires are installed. They can easily be checked along with your regular tire rotation. TLS Motorworks offers quality affordable Auto Repair Services in Atlanta.

What a Wheel Alignment Service Does

Wheels must be aligned correctly to keep control of your car. Wheels that are out of position make driving more difficult. Misaligned wheels will likely also cause uneven wear on the tires. When your wheels are properly aligned, your car will deliver a smoother ride.

Wheel Alignment Check Features Include:

  •  Assessment of the steering and suspension components
  •  Examination of the tires for size, inflation and wear
  •  Comparison of your tire alignment to automobile manufacturer guidelines

Why Is Wheel Alignment Service Essential?

Wheel alignment service, as well as tire balancing and rotation, could expand the life of your tires. It may also boost the overall safety of your vehicle. An effectively aligned automobile may receive enhanced performance, as well as an increase in fuel economy.

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