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Tesla Frequently Asked Questions


Why do Tesla tires wear out so fast?


Due to their battery packs Tesla's weight more than the average vehicle. This added weight places more pressure on the tires. The added pressure increases friction between the tires and the road. This results in accelerated tire wear. Tesla recommends that tires get rotated and balanced every 6,250 miles.

Why do Tesla tires need to be rotated and balanced so often?

Tesla recommends that tires get rotated and balanced every 6,250 miles. This helps the overall handling of the vehicle and tire wear. Aggressive driving can lead to premature tire wear. This can lead to more frequent tire services.

Why do Tesla A/C Desiccant Bags need replacement so often?

Tesla recommends an air conditioning desiccant service every 2-6 years. This service is vital to the efficiency and longevity of the A/C system. We recommend following Tesla's air conditioning service schedule. AC service schedule

Tesla Maintanace Chart

Can you take a Tesla to a normal mechanic?

Tesla vehicles are unique. This has some drivers questioning, “Can my mechanic work on my Tesla?” Most repairs can be done by a local mechanic shop with the proper equipment. Some repairs and warranty work will need to be done at a Tesla dealership. TLS Motorworks is equipped and trained to work on Tesla vehicles.

Do Tesla’s need maintenance?

Although Tesla's are electric, routine maintenance is still required. Maintenance is important to ensure your vehicle's reliability, efficiency, and durability. Following a maintenance schedule also helps the resale value of your vehicle. This maintenance chart (chart is a clickable link to the tesla page) outlines those items and intervals;

Why do Tesla brake pads last so long?

All electric and hybrid vehicles have a regenerative braking system. When braking, the brake system's power is transferred back to the battery. This assist reduces the wear and tear on the brake system. The brake pads and rotors will last longer on any vehicle that has regenerative braking.

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