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Check Engine Light

Possible Reasons Your Check Engine Light Is On

Oxygen Sensor Replacement Warning

The oxygen sensor measures how much unburned oxygen is in your exhaust. If there is too little or too much, your engine might possibly be damaged. A faulty oxygen sensor will produce a check engine light every time, and is one of the most common reasons for it being on.

Loose, Damaged or Missing Gas Cap

A missing gas cap is the best possible outcome for a check engine light to appear. Gas caps create a vacuum seal. Without that seal, you’ll always see a check engine light on your dashboard.

Airflow Sensor Replacement Warning

This mass airflow sensor measures the air coming into the engine. It makes certain the proper amount of this air mixes with the right amount of fuel. Without the correct air/fuel mixture, your engine might stall, or worse, refuse to start. You’ll notice the check engine light if there’s a problem with your mass airflow sensor, as your onboard computer will recognize a problem with the air/fuel mixture.

Catalytic Converter Replacement Warning

If a loose gas cap is the best possible outcome for a check engine light, this may be the worst. Reason being is a catalytic converter is expensive to replace, and is a necessary part for your car. It can not run without it. The catalytic converter is part of the exhaust system. If you notice your exhaust smells like rotten eggs, plus a check engine warning on your dash, your catalytic converter likely need repair.

Spark Plug Replacement Warning

Finally, you may experience a check engine light due to worn down spark plugs. Problems with your ignition system will usually cause the check engine light to come on. If you haven’t had an engine tune up service performed recently, this might be the solution. Stalling may also be an indicator of misfiring spark plugs.

Schedule Engine Inspection and Service

Even if the damage to your engine is minor, it’s best to have it repaired quickly to prevent further damage. There are many working parts in place within your engine. Engine repair may involve replacing, fixing or tuning up these various other parts as well. Upon identifying the problem, our technicians will run performance tests to ensure peak engine efficiency.

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