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Is valve adjustment necessary on a Honda?

Yes, it's necessary, especially on Honda and Acura vehicles. Valve wear in engines can lead to decreased performance and major engine damage. While Honda produces high-quality vehicles, regular maintenance is crucial to maximize their longevity. Valve adjustments are generally due every 105,000 miles. When you adjust the valves, it's a good idea to also change the spark plugs and all nearby gaskets. Getting a valve adjustment done ensures prolonged engine life and optimal performance.


Is Honda the most reliable car brand?

Among the major car brands, Honda ranks highest for reliability, scoring exceptionally well. On average, Honda owners spend less on repairs compared to other brands. Although they're reliable, repair costs and trips to the repair shop increase as the mileage goes up. This happens because parts wear out over time, which is normal. But, with proper maintenance, most Hondas can avoid major repairs.

Why is my Honda Civic display screen black?

The display screens in cars are now like mini-computer screens. Some Hondas may experience a malfunction in the radio/climate control system. This results in a blank display. Common issues include not being able to change or hear the radio, check the odometer, or control the climate. Fortunately, we can often repair the screen for much less than the cost of a replacement.

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