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Scheduled Maintenance

Consistency is key when it comes to preserving the health of your vehicle. Regular maintenance checks are a simple way to keep your car’s performance at it’s best, for years to come. Scheduled maintenance reduces the anxiety and headaches that come along with owning a car and the attention required in maintaining it. With our technicians looking over your vehicle on a scheduled basis, we can replace faulty parts as needed, potentially saving you on major repairs down the road.

Oil Changes

TLS Motorworks offers synthetic oil and filter change services to customers throughout Atlanta and the surrounding metro areas. Oil changes are imperative to keeping you engine running smoothly. For same day service, schedule an oil change.

Timing Belt & Water Pump

The majority of vehicles need the timing belt replaced around 100,000 miles. The exact mileage varies by make and year.  We will replace the water pump, tensioner, bearings, and seals with the timing belt. Replacing those items is common with the timing belt since we will be in those areas. No need to pay extra labor to have those done in the future. The timing belt service is one of your vehicle's most important service intervals. 

Transmission Fluid Exchange

Just like an oil change, transmission fluid changes are equally important to the overall health of your car. Your transmission is made of several parts, all of which need to be lubricated in order to work. Fresh transmission fluid reduces build-up and dryness within your transmission.

Power Steering Fluid Exchange

A power steering fluid exchange should be performed every 30,000 miles on your vehicle. Noise or stiffness when turning are signs your fluid needs to be changed. Routine power steering fluid exchanges are critical to maintaining your car's steering system. We can check the condition of your power steering fluid and perform a fluid exchange if needed. 

Brake Fluid Exchange

A brake fluid exchange should be performed every two years. Brake fluid retains moisture over time. This moisture can get into different parts of the brake system and cause failures. Routine brake fluid exchanges are critical to maintaining your car's brake system. We can check the condition of your brake fluid and perform a fluid exchange if needed. 

Engine Tune-Ups

Misfiring spark plugs, failing fuel economy, unusual shaking in the steering wheel – it’s all possible when your engine is damaged. The engine is arguably one of, if not the most, important piece under your hood. We recommend regularly scheduled engine tune ups every 10,000 miles.

Wheel Alignment Service

Wheel alignment service can expand the life of your tires while additionally boosting the overall safety of your vehicle. An effectively aligned automobile may receive enhanced performance, as well as an increase in fuel economy.

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