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Suspension Repair

The suspension system is responsible for smoothing out your ride as you go over rough roads. It absorbs any force from bumps and holes, all while keeping your tires planted firmly on the ground.

How Does The Suspension System Work?

The suspension system is made of three components – the shocks, struts and springs. These parts do more than provide a comfortable ride. They also help control vehicle handling. Without these parts, your vehicle would bounce unsafely down the road with little to no control.

Shock absorbers keep your vehicle from bouncing wildly. They control the energy in the springs as you go over bumps. Struts are structurally mounted to the suspension system, and hold the shocks in place. These parts work together to absorb energy from bumpy roads and shift vibrations evenly across the vehicle.

Signs You May Need Suspension Repair

Suspension issues can be tough to diagnose on your own. Often times you may be able to notice a symptom, but pinpointing the faulty part may require some assistance. Luckily for you, if you notice any of these signs below, our shop can diagnose the issue and repair it for you!

  • Pulling to one side while driving
  • Difficulty steering or controlling
  • Feeling every little bump
  • One corner sits lower than the others
  • Car feels “looser than normal” as your drive

Schedule Your Suspension System Service

As is the case with all parts, your suspension system will wear with use. The shocks, struts and springs must be replaced over time. Worn down parts not only affect the performance of your ride, but may also cause problems in other areas, such as alignment, steering, breaking and tire wear. If your vehicle sways or rocks more than normal while driving or braking, it is time to schedule an appointment with TLS Motorworks.

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