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In order to know what we do here at TLS Motorworks, you have to know why we do it. We could say we service and repair Japanese cars better than others. (We have a proven track record we do) We could inform you we have a better warranty than the dealer. (Nationwide 3 year or 36 thousand miles) Or, that we offer a complete service and comprehensive repairs- (Of course we do! We do that without question) The thing is, everyone claims to do that.


You have to trust the shop. We’re here all as enthusiasts, and all work towards the common goal of making our clients comfortable with our recommendations. We want to know about your kids soccer game, how your Spouse is doing. This is a long lost art in the automotive world and we want you to Experience The Difference!


We want a relationship with you and your car. You, Your car, Your situation, and your budget. Frankly- If we see you once, we expect to see you again. We want the first thing that pops into your head when you have car issues- is us. We want to know you on a first name basis. We want to know your children, where you work, and what your hobbies are. It’s not just “fix my car, ok- here’s the bill”. We want it to be more than that. So, when considering a shop- take a peek and enjoy the view. We’ll be here ready for you to Experience The Difference. It’s not just our motto or tag line. It’s the building block to each client and vehicle that comes in the door. TLS Motorworks provides the best auto repair services for Japanese vehicles in Chamblee and Atlanta, GA! Our professional technicians will take care of your Japanese vehicle’s auto repair in Atlanta. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

Honest. Transparent. Correct.

While Toyota and Lexus are our specialties, we have many loyal customers who have come to trust us on their other vehicles.  We are happy to accommodate when we can, but our top priority is always your satisfaction.

Japanese Auto Repair Specialists

Hybrid Auto Repair

  • Honda: Accord, Civic, Insight, CR-Z, Fit

  • Toyota: Prius, Camry

  • Lexus: LS 600h L, GS 450h, HS 250h, CT200h

  • Hyundai: Sonata

  • Infiniti: M35h

  • Kia: Optima Hybrid