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Transmission Service & Repair

The purpose of a transmission is to make sure the proper amount of power goes to your wheels, in order to move at a certain speed. There’s a number of preventative maintenance tasks that will extend the life of your transmission. Getting a transmission fluid change and a transmission flush service are recommended as part of a regular maintenance program.

Transmission Fluid Change

Both automatic and manual transmissions rely on transmission fluid to work properly. The average transmission is made up of several interlocking parts. These parts must remain fully lubricated to avoid dryness and particle buildup. Such effects could cause overheating, grinding or breakage. A transmission fluid change is the same as an oil change, only it involves your transmission.

How To Check Transmission Fluid

First things first, find your owner’s manual and determine if your car should be running or not when you perform this check. This varies by model, and is important for an accurate reading. Next, pop open the hood and look for your transmission fluid dipstick. This will be different from your oil dipstick. There should be fluid covering your transmission dipstick upon removal. You can verify accuracy by wiping the dipstick clean with a rag, then performing the check again.

When To Change Transmission Fluid

This also varies by manufacturer, so you’ll want to consult your owner’s manual. Often times following a regular maintenance schedule is necessary for keeping a warranty valid, so keep that in mind. The general rule of thumb with transmission fluid changes is every 30,000 – 80,000 miles, however, this is general. The way you use your vehicle and the frequency of use will play a factor in the scheduling of your transmission fluid changes.

Schedule A Transmission Fluid Change or Service

With any transition service, TLS Motorworks also provides a free courest check, where we inspect all your major operating systems. You’ll leave our garage knowing your car is at it’s peak performance.

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