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Cooling System Repair

A coolant flush provides many benefits to your cooling system. TLS Motorworks recommends a coolant flush once a year to keep your system running properly. Like every other part of your vehicle, prevention helps avoid repair, and your cooling system needs no different treatment.

What Makes The Engine Cooling System?

It is important to note, the engine cooling system is not the same as the AC system. The AC system works to keep passengers cool as they sit inside the cabin. The engine cooling system keeps the engine from overheating.

There are several parts that make up the engine cooling system, including:

  • Radiator
  • Coolant
  • Pipes and Fans
  • Water Pump
  • Upper Radiator Hose
  • Lower Radiator Hose

What Does The Cooling System Do?

The engine cooling system has four primary functions:

  1. Keep the engine from overheating
  2. Maintain engine operating temperature to work efficiently
  3. Monitor correct engine temperature and adjust as needed
  4. Prevent engine from freezing in cold temperatures

The main goal of the cooling system is to keep your engine at a safe operating temperature. Heat is created by the combustion within the engine. The cooling system uses coolant (sometimes called antifreeze) to disperse that heat from the engine safely.

Why Coolant Flushes Are Important

Coolant is the chemical that maintains engine temperature, so it should constantly be measured. Coolant levels decrease as you drive your car. TLS Motorworks technicians will monitor coolant levels, as well as the quality of fluid, with every oil change and recommend when it is time for a coolant flush.

When the time comes for a coolant flush, we start by removing all the existing coolant from your system. The reason for this is that we will be adding new coolant into the system, and don’t want the new to mix with the old or contaminated fluid. Lastly, we make sure to use conditioners in order to prevent rust build up and increase coolant life.

Schedule A Coolant Flush Or Coolant Repair Service

Every make and model is different, so the recommended maintenance schedule varies. Check your owners manual for details. While you cooling system does not need work often, coolant flushes are recommended once a year. TLS Motorworks has ASE-certified technicians standing by to help with your car problems.

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